Monday, March 28, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Sacred

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."
~Joseph Campbell

Memorial garden outside of the town library  
Martha returned from Antarctica yesterday. A full month of chasing Humpback whales with researchers and taking lots of photos. To celebrate her return, Grey and I took it upon ourselves to create Easter egg ornaments to decorate the holiday tree. Surprising her in the morning with the final product.

Sitting up on Holy Saturday, I had flashbacks to my childhood spent on evenings before Easter Sunday. The church services in complete darkness where the congregation was undergoing a period of mourning. The promise of light to come from that darkness.

This period of darkness has been on my mind more recently. How the uncertainty can rip one apart. Of why community and finding sanctuary from those storms is so important for survival and overcoming that darkness.

For those who know MissC, please drop by her blog and send her a hug or some love. It took a lot of bravery to post about all she did and I know she's still in the thick of this hurricane. Please help me wrap her in love as she weathers this storm, helping her find shelter in this sacred place we call community.


  1. This post about Easter will stick with me; kind of makes me wish I had some rites to follow like the one you describe. For now, may we all be the light we need, even if just a flicker.

  2. The tree is beautiful. And I agree - having a community and safe place to be makes a huge difference in surviving dark times. I hope you find your light very soon.

  3. What an appropriate quote from Joseph Campbell.

    I'm so sorry for MissC. Truly, like having the ground quake underneath you. What can you trust if not your foundation?

    I bet Martha loved her greeting.

  4. I love your Easter tree! Such a colorful decoration, I hope Martha loved it. Her research trip sounds amazing. Your Easter thoughts brought me back, too. I don't participate in those rituals anymore, but have many fond memories of the candlelit ceremonies and mix of sadness and joy, darkness and light of Holy Week. The parallels in waiting for some light to get through the dark are powerful.

  5. Lovely post, Cristy, and I love the Easter tree -- I'll bet Martha did too. :)


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