Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Heat drama, round 4

This morning I awoke to a cold house and realization that we, once again, didn't have any heat. The furnace seems to be trying to work, but (true to fashion) our landlord didn't bother to inspect the rest of the system.

The resulting text from her was one where she hinted that this was our fault, at which point I curtly responded telling her it was going to be fixed today.

I'm so angry at the moment. We get blamed for her being a crappy landlord and knowing that the threat of a lawsuit and having the building condemned by the Health Department is the only thing motivating her to do the right thing. All this while she cries about having inherited 3 separate properties following the sudden death of her mother.

I'm learning the art of putting on a sad face, saying "oh that's awful" and then interrupting with legal issues and reminding them they have an out ("have you considered selling?" is my new phrase). Of not allowing people to snowball me over their bullshit. Because life is full of trauma and unfair events, but I'm tired of shouldering other people's crap.


  1. Good for you. Sounds like healthy boundaries incorporating empathy and assertiveness.

    I hope you got your heat back on.

  2. She needs to GET THIS FIXED. PROPERLY. NOW. No heat in January with two small children in the house is unacceptable. :p

  3. I hate that you're still dealing with this. . .but I LOVE your approach! "Have you considered selling?" is absolutely brilliant, especially when said with that air of genuine concern.


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