Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wooing cats

It's an innocent enough scene: Daisy walks through the doorway, giving a distinct meow that sounds mixed with a purr indicating that she's looking for attention. Laying on a pad on the floor of the Beats' bedroom, I give her a quick scratching knowing that she now has 2 other sets of eyes glued on her movements.

"Daisy! Please come here!" exclaims one child while another has shoved hand from out under a blanket in an attempt to attract her attention.

True to cat form, Daisy begins a typical dance of maneuvering just out of reach while exploring their beds and deciding whether allowing them to pet her is a justifiable reward.

Since the Beats came home, Grey and I have been juggling the relationship between the felines and the small humans. From tail pulling with instructions about gentle touches to the ongoing fight over claimed sleeping space, the relationship has been continuously evolving. Within the last year, though, both Beats have taken a particular interest in both cats. Whereas before momentary interactions where fine, my mornings are now spent making sure both felines have clear escape routes and reminding both children that the kitties need to be respected at all times. The contrast in their natures makes it difficult for them to understand one another, finding common ground for forging a relationship.

Or at least that was what I had been telling myself up to this morning.

At 6 am, following both Beats waking up and leading a very sleepy Cristy downstairs, I found a scene in the kitchen that immediately made me freeze: an open refrigerator and 4 organisms that were not human adults exploring. It didn't take HeBeat long to find the aliquot of cat food, with him getting it onto the counter ready to distribute, but the look on both cats faces clearly revealed that this recent development was one to their liking. Head butts and paw taps quickly conveyed the message to these two preschoolers, particularly when both Beats proceeded to demonstrate that they could overcome the child-safety locks on the cabinet doors too.

In short, Grey and Cristy are officially screwed as a new alliance is officially brewing. And though I realize they all certainly have a long way to go with the wooing process, the fact something has finally started to click both elates and terrifies me.


  1. I’m laughing so hard right now! I suspect the cats are going to grow quite fond of their on-demand food and treat dispensers and the small humans will be equally chuffed. As for Grey and Christy, well, drinks after all non adult humans go to bed may be warranted.

  2. I'm STILL playing this game of cops and robbers. The culprits gain abilities, so I have to put protections in place. Then the culprits figure out those protections, and I have to amp them up a step. Elating and terrifying, for sure!

  3. Oh no! You have me laughing, but I promise it's laughing *with* you, not at you! If I said it must be time for more complex child locks, would that just highlight my naivete as someone without toddlers? I hope the adults can get some respite from mischief by the two and four-legged shorties in the house! :)

  4. Uh oh, I think you're outnumbered...!! ;)


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