Tuesday, November 27, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Solace

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We are all just a car crash,
a diagnosis,
an unexpected phone call,
a newfound love,
or a broken heart away from becoming a
completely different person.

How beautifully fragile are we
that so many things can
take but a moment
to alter
who we are
for forever?


  1. This is lovely. It reminds me to appreciate what I have, and to never assume that things won't change - for good, or bad.

  2. Wow. We do live on a knife's edge, don't we?

    Along the lines of what Mali says, it makes me appreciate that most days we do just fine.

  3. Gorgeous. They words and the image. I love how it acknowledges that loss and trauma change who you are, or at least a version of you. Reasons to feel fortunate when things go well!


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