Friday, November 16, 2018

Plan B

Yesterday afternoon, within minutes of arriving home after my interview, I received an automated phone call from the school district informing me that school would be canceled tomorrow due to air quality. After driving through the haze all morning, I wasn't surprised, but it doesn't make the situation any less scary especially learning that all the universities and community colleges had already suspended classes for the same reason.

Racing to Teddy and Maddy's school to catch the teachers before they left (turning in homework that had thankfully already been completed and getting planned activities for the break), I found myself reflecting on all the natural disasters that caused school closures that we've lived through. From blizzards to hurricanes (and blizzard hurricanes) to floods, we've seen a lot. Poor air quality is a new one and something that I frankly am not prepared for.

Today is about learning how to manage. With school canceled and warnings about being outdoors of extended periods, I've been trying to find indoor activities knowing full well others likely have similar ideas. Grey has been researching getting another air purifier (we have a small one that we fished out to use), but I've actually also started considering face masks given that recovering from a cold has taking a lot longer and my lungs are starting to hurt from all the particulates in the air. All this on top of monitoring maps of local fires and being vigilant about any signs of smoke.

This morning, I'm forming a new plan B. Because, given all the trends and the destruction, I'm thinking this will become a new norm.


  1. This is so scary! A friend who lives in San Francisco posted a photo of himself in a face mask today. :( My mother was talking to her cousin who lives in the Sacramento area. Not only is it bad there too, she learned that the cousin's husband spent part of his growing up years in Paradise, which was basically wiped off the map. :( Praying for some rain. Also sending you some good luck vibes on the job hunt front!

  2. Yikes, so scary! Air purifiers sound good, and masks, too. It must feel post apocalyptic. I'm hoping for rain, for clearing, for an end to the destruction. Best wishes for your interview, so stressful to have everything happening at once.

  3. Ugh. I hear from my mom in the Bay Area that the air quality is worse than China. :( So sorry you have to deal with Plan B, in a scary, smoky environment. That said, if anyone could pull off a plan B, I have confidence in you! You've been through so much, you've got plans B, C, and D through G down! :)


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