Friday, November 23, 2018


Yesterday, Grey and I were invited to join Rain and McRuger for an annual holiday tradition of spending time at the beach. Initially, we worried that the trip would be canceled due to rain and I was worried that everyone and their mother would have a similar idea leading to crowds, but driving out to the coast proved both to be pleasant and we were rewarded with an amazing day of an empty beach and warm ocean waves.

On the drive home, with everyone covered in sand and smelling of the Pacific, Grey and I talked about how much we had missed this coast. While in Seattle and near the end of graduate school, we had made it a tradition to go to the beach as much as possible. From the kite festivals to sand castle contests to simply hunting for shipwrecks, the ocean was a place of refuge. It's something we haven't been able to do reliably for the past few years, and yet the benefits from yesterday made it clear it was time to prioritize.

In addition to ocean time, Maddy has been hounding me for a knit unicorn. Documenting the Guatedamas toys resulted in her discovering a unicorn knit toy that made her insistent for one of her own. Three days ago, while in the midst of being stuck indoors, I caved and we raided my stash of leftover yarn to make this a reality.

The end result: meet Neela.

Sitting up last night, adding the final strands to Neela's mane, I reflected on where I'm at this year compared to years past. Unemployment sucks and I'm a bit bummed I haven't heard anything about the 2 interviews last week. We're also in the thick of transition with Grey's work, with his boss and boss's boss being pleased about what he's producing, but him still needing to meet goals before the end of the year. Finally, Maddy and Teddy, though doing awesome in some aspects (school is something they both are enjoying and excelling at) are struggling in others, with hyperactivity being very much on my mind.

Despite this, we have a lot to be thankful for. That we are on the other side of so many hard things and working to overcome others. That we still have the ability to do certain things that we once thought would be impossible or forever lost. That certain joys and gifts never really leave us. But also that hurts and heartaches can evolve, becoming something we never would have imagined at the beginning of the journey.


  1. Hello, Neela! You're very cute.

    Your last paragraph has me reviewing 2018 and previewing 2019. Loss and gain, so closely intertwined, always.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Neela is really cute - amazing that you were able to knit that!

    I hear you about the sort of achy quality of taking stock of life - yes, thankful for so many things, and yet, things unresolved or tough as well. Wishing you and Grey the best in this time of looking forward and back all at once.

  3. First let me say: Neela is fantastic!! Love her, and your skill and creativity.

    Second, I'm bummed for you that you don't have news on the job front. The waiting is awful and you've spent so much time waiting on various things already. I hope all the waiting, for jobs, for goals to be met, for struggles to be overcome, I hope it all comes to fruition soon. You deserve so many wins. Maybe wishing on a certain unicorn would help? ;)

  4. OMG, Cristy, you made that?? So cute!

    I've always found water -- a lake, ocean, beach -- therapeutic. Glad you were able to get away, at least for a little while. I am behind on my reading & commenting, but I hope some things have sorted themselves out since you posted this. (((hugs)))


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