Thursday, January 31, 2019


My bones are tired and my brain is mush. After four straight days of intense interviews (enjoyable, but intense), all I want to do is climb back into bed to sleep. Which isn't going to happen as I've been told that my references are being checked for one of these positions (requiring me to alert and update the people on my list) and because I still have an assignment due.

Whoever said "sleep is for the weak" was delusional.

In between the work I need to complete has also been me emerging back into normal life, updating myself on the news and happenings. It's been a bit intense given I was aware of the polar vortex, but "Frost Quakes" brings the cold to a whole new level.

It's odd to realize how disconnected I've been over the last week. The news fast has been good, but I'm reminded of my time in the trenches where I felt like I was outside looking in, missing components of life that so many others were focused on.

Thinking of everything east of the Sierra Nevadas. My there be warmer weather soon.

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  1. That sounds really intense! I hope things settle well and affirmatively soon and that you are able to REST.


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