Thursday, January 10, 2019

Instead of blogging....

The week has gotten away from me, filled with meetings and interviews while juggling getting the family back into the usual routine. My mind has been whirling with information, from recommendations to filling out applications to reading updates about biotechnology and recent research. All while drafting letters of support for the local teachers union and past students.

The end result has been outlines of posts in my drafts folder and generally neglecting this space, even though writing tends to be therapeutic, helping me organize the chaos floating around in my head. It's a fairly shitty realization.

I know I need to correct this, setting aside prescribed time to write. Overcoming all the chaos that makes me want to sleep most days. So I'm going to try, setting aside the needed time just as I need to continue doing so for other self-care areas of my life.


  1. Sometimes, some things have to give. I often reflect that I don't know how you (and others) manage to blog as well as managing families/jobs (or job hunts) etc. Selfishly though, I will say that it is always nice to read you here, even if I don't always manage to comment.

  2. ^^ What Mali said! :) Sometimes, too, you have the time but the muse just doesn't strike. I look forward to when those outlines eventually become published posts!


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