Monday, January 7, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: On the steps of City Hall

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The morning didn't start off well. Following a rushed drop-off for Maddy and Teddy at school, rushing to get to the BART station, learning that ALL the trains were delayed due to multiple problems, losing my seat to a man who pushed me out of the way and ending up on the wrong bus to my destination, I was feeling fairly grumpy.

Hailing an Uber to make sure I made it to my meeting on time, I found myself outside of City Hall, unknowingly becoming a witness to a celebration involving what looked like a young family with an adorable little girl who was dressed in a lovely dress and the center of attention.

I'm fairly certain what I was witnessing was a wedding reception, given adoptions are normally finalized at courthouses, but the joy that radiated around this group, all of them embracing this child had familiar feelings that this family's journey to today wasn't an easy one, hence the reason for so much celebration.

And that celebration was contagious. 

My Uber driver was insanely nice, driving like a controlled maniac to make sure I made it to my meeting on time. And the meeting was insanely good, with this new contact proving to not only be valuable but also a pretty cool human being. Both of these men noting the smile on my face, in memory of that moment on the steps of City Hall.


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