Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Let it rain

It's been a smokey past few days. With school canceled and warnings about air quality impacting health, finding forms of distraction has been quite a project. Something that is hard enough to explain to two Kindergarteners, never mind two cats.

Hence waking up this morning to raindrops brought a lot of cheering in our household. The promise of umbrellas, puddle jumping, but most importantly, more than a few minutes spent outside.

The air already smells different, like smoked tea as the smoke particles mix with the water. The promise of squelching the fires while quenching parched earth. Each drop bringing relief that is long overdue.

All while the four organisms that have been beyond excited about listening to the rhythm on the roof.

Let it rain


  1. Rain is beautiful!

    Also this may be naive but what's the advantage of cancelling school? Bad air quality is there as well as at home so it's not like kids are exposed to worse conditions?
    I hope you all are doing ok and have no health problems cropping up!

  2. I am rejoicing with posts like yours from my CA friends. I hope this brings the clearing that's so badly needed. Thankful!

  3. So sorry you are dealing with this. Our fire season is July/August (usually). I never complain about rain in the summer anymore because there are much worse things! I hope things get better for everyone.


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