Monday, October 9, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Nature Walk

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Braving the rain, we went for our walk. They carried their bags to collect bits and piece from the journey. The only rule being that nothing was to be picked or pulled from the ground; all had to be found lying along the trail. And for the most part they followed that rule. 

But most interesting was the conversations from observations. The noting of berries only at certain parts of the trails, the observation of moss and seeing the birds fly over the pasture. All moments from a nature walk.

Deep in the Quiet Woods

Are you bowed down in heart?
Do you but hear the clashing discords and the din of life?
Then come away, come to the peaceful wood,
Here bathe your soul in silence. Listen! Now,
From out the palpitating solitude
Do you not catch, yet faint, elusive strains?
They are above, around, within you, everywhere.
Silently listen! Clear, and still more clear, they come.
They bubble up in rippling notes, and swell in singing tones.
Now let your soul run the whole gamut of the wondrous scale
Until, responsive to the tonic chord,
It touches the diapason of God’s grand cathedral organ,
Filling earth for you with heavenly peace
And holy harmonies.

By James Weldon Johnson


  1. I love this so much. This is something I mourn, is not sharing a love of nature with our own children. That boardwalk is amazing, and I love the treasures the Beats found. We went for a nature walk ourselves this evening to see the effect the heavy rainfall had on a local waterfall. Awe-inspiring (although creepy to walk in the woods/marsh past dusk). Yay nature!

  2. This is lovely, Cristy. <3 So many kids today never get to do this, and it's a real shame.


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