Monday, December 19, 2011

A happy day

Sorry for the delay, but all the excitement from this morning left me pretty exhausted.

We transferred two beautiful embryos: one 5AA, that was just starting to hatch; one 4AA that wasn't far behind.  I cried when I saw them.  I've seen textbook images of blastocysts, but never ones quite as clear.  They are beautiful.

We ended up freezing down four embryos today and they are culturing the other three for one more day to see how they develop.  It looks like we may have one more.

The only hitch of today was me not having drank enough water ahead of time.  I really thought that after 4 liters I would be okay; learned that isn't the case.  My RE and I had a nice chat about horses and riding while we waited for my bladder to fill.

Tonight I'm meditating, relaxing and indulging in bad TV.  And praying that in 9 days I get the best birthday present of my life.  I'm also incredibly grateful for all your words of support.  I'm so lucky to have all of your support.


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited to find your was also my transfer day - I got to transfer (2) 5AA Blasts...I'll be praying and keeping my fingers crossed for you this cycle.

  2. That is what I had (a 5AA and a 4AA) and I got twins, so be prepared!

  3. Cristy, I'm so happy for you! I've been thinking of you all weekend. This is wonderful news with 2 excellent grade embryos and more for freezing. I know the next 9 days will be super long, but I'm crossing all digits for you!

  4. Oh wow! I'm so excited for you. 9 days to wait is too long, they need to make more sensitive tests!

  5. I will be thinking and praying for you while you enjoy some bad TV. So excited for you!!!

  6. Awesome news!! So exciting and keeping our fingers crossed for you! xoxo


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