Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fertility socks

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm a knitter.  A chronic knitter.  Keeping my hands busy calms me and helps me process.  Knitting has been a life-saver during treatments, especially in the waiting room.  Gee, the doctor isn't here yet and will be 30 mins late, no problem!  I'll just work on the next 10 rows.

About a year ago, just prior to starting the whole fertility work-up, I found a website talking about Fertility Socks.  The whole concept is genius: a pair of socks is sent to those going through treatments so that while they're in the stirrups they have a conversation piece as well as a reminder that they are not alone in this journey.  There's one problem, though: the creator Emily is swamped with requests while donations have been low.  The site has been down for a while, too.

Last February, I decided to put my knitting skills to use and I knit my first pair of socks.

I had been following the recipient's blog for a while and was my way of saying thank you as well as offering support.  She told me later that she worn them to every visit and I'm happy to report that she's expecting.

A month later, I knit another pair for a lady in my mind/body group.

I wasn't as excited about these, but apparently she likes them.  Her twins were born last month.

The final set was for another woman, who had just suffered a miscarriage following IVF#1.  

I found out later that she worn them during FET, which resulted in a BFP.  

As I've been reading your blogs, it's dawned on me (sorry, I'm a bit slow) that a number of you are starting treatments in January.  As much as I would love to, there's no physical way that I can kick out socks for all of you.  But I do know that what has kept me sane while in the stirrups has been a small collection of mementos from those who have been cheering me on.

So, I propose a fertility sock exchange.  Socks don't need to be handmade, nor is this exchange limited to those currently undergoing treatments, so anyone who is interested can participate. All that matters is that you pick out a pair for a fellow IFer and send them to them.  I have no idea on exactly how to organize this (and it someone does, please chime in), but the first bit of information is who's interested?!?!  Once I get a list, we can work out the details of how to do (Mo's Chocobuddy system would be a great model . . . I just need to ask her for permission to use her idea). 


  1. I JUST posted a link to this blog post on Twitter as I LOVE THIS!!!! And for anyone who is stopping by, Cristy made me the MOST amazing pair of blue fertility socks for my third IVF. I wore them for my entire two week wait (starting from the day of my transfer) pretty much to when I got my BFP. I also think the fact that I'm having a boy AND she knitted me blue socks is very, very fitting! :)

  2. This is an awesome idea!! Count me in. Keeping my fingers crossed for FET in Jan.

  3. Wonderful idea about the sock exchange. I had no idea that anyone was even doing this.

    One of these days, since I have the needles, I'll learn to knit socks. I'm terrible at following patterns. I usually just knit or weave blankets for charity. Maybe this IVF I'll learn how to make socks.

  4. Beautiful socks! I'd love to learn to make them, but I'm still too chicken to try. One of these days...

  5. Wow! You knit those!? That is awesome! What a great talent you have! I love the idea of a sock exchange! We do spend a lot of time with our feet in stirrups!

  6. What a great idea, count me in on this! Just let me know what I can do to help or organize! :)

  7. Fertility socks are wonderful! Such a great idea!

  8. Ohhh, Such a fun idea. I'm in!!

  9. I love this idea. I'm just starting my first Clomid cycle and I could really use some lucky socks. Please let me know how to get involved:-)

  10. p.s. this inspired me to take a crochet class.

  11. YES! Yes on so many levels; i love socks (almost as much as i love hats). Please let me know how i can be part of this.
    I'm already thinking about socks to send :P


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